We are foodies and are on a mission to help consumers navigate the emerging world of meal delivery service.

Gravity, motion, the printing press, the telegram, the light bulb and of course meal delivery services.

Okay, perhaps that’s hyping the phenomenon knows as meal delivery service a bit too much. Nonetheless, we are fans and we intend to not only tell you all about it, but to help people of all ages (though mostly millennials) eat better.

Unless you or your significant other is the Martha Stewart ‘type’, some of the biggest problems associated with eating well in today’s fast paced society is no-doubt, planning a variety of meals on a weekly basis and having the ingredients necessary to cook said meals.

Are the current meal delivery services, brands or companies perfect? Not by any stretch of the imagination. You’ll be introduced to some recipes that you love and some that you hate. You’ll occasionally be missing an ingredient or two and sometimes be dissatisfied with the portion size.

However, for the huge majority of people in America, signing up for one of the top meal delivery services such as Blue Apron, Hello Fresh or Home Chef will have you eating better routinely.

Additionally, by utilizing one of these services, the vast majority of customers will increase their knowledge and expertise in the kitchen tremendously.

Envour is about exploring the wide world of meal delivery (and other similar delivery) services. Not only that, we rank the best kitchen supplies and hardware to ensure you have everything you need to cook and eat well.